Self-Consciousness, Shame, And Pride

I can remember a time in junior high school, walking down the hallway by several cute girls, puffing my chest out in order to look more muscular.  I always hated being skinny.  I must’ve looked like a complete idiot.  I’m nervous now typing this as I’m incredibly embarassed I did such a thing.

Self-consciousness does this sort of thing to you.  It’s destructive.   It’ll lead you to do stupid things.  It leads to shyness.  It leads to all sorts of anxieties that you’d be better off without.  It even leads to pride.  But what is self-consciousness exactly and where does it originate?
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The Secret

There’s a movie, and a book out there called “The Secret”, which has become quite popular.  Millions of copies have sold, and a lot of people are talking about it. One group seems to believe in it devoutly, and others say it’s “wishful thinking.”   Well I think it’d be a fun run-down to get to the bottom of whether it’s worth believing in, or not.
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A Quick Inquiry Into The Nature Of Bullshit

I hear so much bullshit it’s amazing.  The television seems full of it.  I rarely watch television, besides Late Night with Conan O’Brien (which I watch near every night), but when I do I seem to find endless streams of bullshit.

I see Fox News, and the bullshit gushes from the screen.  Shoddy introductions to literature and philosophy books are nothing but bullshit.  “New Age” artists seem to bullshit consistently.

But I don’t wish to use bullshit in the vulgar term meaning, “I disapprove of what you’re saying.”  Bullshit is more exact than that, and has a very exact meaning.  If I was to tell someone, “Stop bullshitting me!”, I don’t mean, “I disapprove of what you’re saying.”

Let’s try to get a handle on what bullshit is.
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