Why Our World Lacks Perfection

If life is hard to you, this may help – Freedom requires resistance, and resistance comes via your own chosen ends.

People oftentimes wonder why this world isn’t “perfect”.  Why God created a world with such suffering.  Why would he do such a thing?  I’d like to show that a lot of this is based on confused thinking.  When I thought about all of this I came to the conclusion that freedom itself is not possible without resistance, and that without resistance there is nothing.
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Developing Will Power, Resolve, and Determination

Do you ever wonder why one couple stays together for 50 years, even if things are bad, and other couples give up within 6 months over petty nothings?  Ever wonder why one man can get back up time and time again after failure after failure, never giving up, while other “wusses” can’t even take the slightest bit of struggle?  Ever wonder why some people can be so disciplined and others can’t keep even the most simple things together?

I know I do.  I think about it all the time.  I watch my own will power at times fluctuate with the times.  Sometimes I feel strong, able to take on the entire world.  Other times, I give in with very little struggle.  Sometimes I can tolerate near anything from another person and still forgive them, and other days even the tiniest thing can set me off.  Some days I’ll work on a project all day long, non-stop.  Other days I feel that depression creep in and think, “What is the use”.
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