Romance And Relationships

I have always been fascinated with the interpersonal dynamic of couples, and the entire subject of romance.  That passionate love you oftentimes see between lovers.

I enjoy listening to the things they say to one another, such as “Be my girl”, or “I want to be your whole world”, or “Would you kill for me?”.  All kinds of romantic exchanges between lovers as they sit beside each other watching the sunset, staring into one another’s eyes.  All those feelings that you know is boiling up inside of each of them, and coming out in such passionate language.

I oftentimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to say such things to any special someone, because such things do not seem to make much sense to me.  If she is to be “my girl”, then what kind of ownership are we implying?  Would I want to be a girl’s “whole world”, or would she ever truly want to be mine?  What would that even mean?  Kill for me?  As unromantic as it sounds, it’s doubtful I would ever kill anyone for any reason, being the pacifist that I am.

Am I just unromantic?  Is it just that I don’t understand what’s taking place?  I’d like to invite you to see, as we try to examine the meaning of such sayings, and see if they make sense.
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