The Last Dilemma I’d Ever Expect

“All things are possible to him that believes”… incompatible with truth?

I keep continually wondering how I am to get at any theory of truth that is worthwhile when I believe that all of reality is infinitely moldable if you only knew how.  I figured the secret to this dilemma has to be in the details.

If I take “All things are possible to him that believes” completly literally then there can be no subject of truth.  If I believe there is no gravity, then there will be no gravity.  If I believe a pink elephant is going to come out of my sink when I turn it on, a pink elephant will end up in my sink.  If I believe I can fly to the moon using my underwear as fuel and my calculus textbook as a rocket-ship, then… I guess that’s possible.

This sounds absurd, but I actually believe it is not so absurd.  I believe I could create a device which nullifies the forces of gravity within a space I use my device within.  I believe I could create a space/time distortion machine, carry the signal of the elephant in the water within the pipes, and manifest/transport the actual elephant through the water-way… That’s probably something you could do if you were smart enough.  Einstein says that matter itself contains vast amounts of energy if you can only tap into it, so underwear as fuel is also not so untenable if you knew how to split the atoms of the underwear similar to how an atom bomb can seperate uranium atoms.  As for the textbook as a rocket-ship… Maybe if I had some sort of chemical formula, I could rip out all the pages of the textbook, put the paste/chemicals on the pages, and form a space-ship that would actually function.  Probably possible as well.

Now there’s a key point I need to make here.  Most people think, when Jesus says “All things are possibe to him that believes”, they think using some sort of mental power they just look at the Earth and say, “Gravity… STOP!”… Or “Pink elephant, I command thee to come out of this sink!”.  Or “Underwear, I command your atoms to produce vast amounts of energy and to flow over this wire!”… That’s not really how I think it works.  It may be possible to develop your mind-energy to actually do this; it’s maybe possible, who am I to say, but I’ll give you how I think the system works.

I think the real way that all things become possbile is with knowledge.  If you knew how, you could create a device which nullifies gravity.  If you knew how, you could transport an elephant using water as your medium.  If you knew how, you could turn a pair of underwear into vast energy and a calculus textbook into a rocket-ship.  But you have to know how, and people start off lacking every form of knowledge.

But how are we to acquire knowledge?  I continually hear statements by the greatest scientists, inventors, politicians, philosophers, etc., saying that if you can envision it, you can do it.  Another way of stating this: If you WANT to do it, a way will come to you as to how to do it.  They make it sound like an almost mystical process.

I’ve been experiencing this in my own life.  Years back I wanted to become financially independent, and I said to myself: “I’m going to do whatever it takes, outside of breaking any laws or wrong doing anyone, to get my financial life where I want it.”  That’s really all it took.  I was 18 years old, and I was dumb as a fence-post when it came to money – but I had DESIRE.  That’s all that mattered.

My friend Greg and I made that same commitment and off we went.  We did all we knew how to do – we rented an office, we started to try to look as professional as we could, and we started to try to get out there.  We failed over and over and over, and did some really stupid stuff, but we just keep going at it.  Almost like magic, people started coming into our lives.  We met business men, they recommended us books.  We even at one time shared an office with a stock-broker, who taught us all kinds of information related to investing.  Magic happened.  We wanted to find out about money and how to acquire it, and these things seemed to come to us, like a magnet.  We drew it in to us.  Later on we became so passionate about learning business and success that we ordered countless books on marketing, accounting, managment, economics, and any other thing related to finance and money.  Over time we became experts, and now we’re both on the brink of financial independence just 6~7 years later.

In school I took the SAT test and it told me I was not very good at “reading and comprehension”.  I remember I used to think I was not a very intelligent individual.  Then I remember praying one night, and a seeming voice said to me, “Remember how you learned computer programming?  You never understood the first book.  You bought 5 or 6 of every type of book on every subject, and you would read them all.  Do the same with these other subjects.”  So that’s what I started to do.  If one book didn’t make sense, I bought another.  If that didn’t make sense, I bought another.  And if that book didn’t make sense, I bought another.  And if after all that, I couldn’t find a book that decently explained what I wanted to know, I figured I’d just make up my own mind, figure it out, and write my own book the subject.   If you have that mindset going into learning, nothing can stop you.  I now read the most complicated and difficult books that are in existence, and I have gotten to where even the most complex reads I grasp with little difficulty.  If you refuse to give up, refuse to cave in, and refuse to let go of what you want, even when it looks hard, you will succeed in learning.

That’s the key to everything.  That’s the secret.  That’s all there is to “All things are possible to him that believes”.  It’s not a complex metaphysical statement.  It is mystical in one sense, but in another sense it’s that same principle we’ve all known all the time.  If we make up our mind, and believe in ourselves, we can do anything we want.  When I say anything, I literally mean ANYTHING.  The problem that comes into the equation is when people have ‘bad basis’ thinking that tells them they cannot do something when they actually can.  Greg and I are currently working on a course on mindsets, and the core basis of the course is to cleanse people of ‘bad basis thinking’.  It’s to cleanse people of thinking that keeps them from achieving what they want out of life.

The most common form is ‘bad faith’.  People tell themselves that they are some way, by their inner nature, and refuse to acknowledge that they are a free will being and in control of their life and destiny.  They say things like “I would do all the good advice you tell me BUUUUTTTTTT… I’m just not an ambitious person.  I’m just not a reader.  I’m just not a dedicated person.  I’m just not very disciplined…”  Blah blah blah.  What they fail to see is that they have chosen to be non-ambitious.  They have chosen to be a person who does not read.  They have chosen to be non-disciplined… These are all choices, and they are in control.

Another really common one is ‘duty’.  People always tell themselves they have some mystical duty to everyone else.  They could succeed and get what they want out of life, IF ONLY it weren’t for their kids.  If only it weren’t for their wife.  If only it weren’t for their debts.  If only it weren’t for the country they live in.  If only this, or if only that.  Continual blame on something else.

They’ve chosen that wife, they’ve chosen to have kids, and they’ve chosen to live in that country.  They have chosen to get into those debts, and they’ve chosen to give substance to them.  They are also choosing to keep the lifestyle they are in.

Duty does not bind you, only if you let it.  If you’re miserable working in the job you’re working, couldn’t care less about this home you’re living in, and working for a bunch of crap you don’t care about… Talk this over with your wife.  Tell her you want to change your life.  If she doesn’t like it, tough.  If you’re miserable and your wife is trying to keep you in some prison, what kind of love is that?  A real wife would work with you and would continually work toward getting a life that both of you were satisifed with.

As for kids, you don’t have a complete duty to them either.  Their life is their life. Don’t completley sacrifice yourself for your children. That’s just retarded.  you have some duty to them, such as feeding them, loving them, and being there for them when they need you, but that is not complete self-sacrifice, and it does not entail screwing up your life, and giving them everything… Really you know what’s really going on.  They’re not the reason why you’re not where you want to be.  You’re using them as an excuse to make yourself feel better.  Don’t live in misery your entire life. Your children will end up doing the same thing and the cycle just keeps going over and over.  If you teach your children a philosophy of self-sacrifice, and that working and living a life that is horrible is the “admirable thing to do…”, when does it end?  You sacrifice yourself for them, they sacrifice themselves for their children, and your grandchildren sacrifice themselves for your great-grandchildren… ad infinitum.  Nobody ever lives the life they want.  What you’ve passed on is only misery.

People also have mental hang-ups about duty to country, duty to their fellow man, and all kinds of duty… Greg and I always say the only duty that exists is duty you’ve explicitly agreed to by your word.  If people try to throw all kinds of other duties on you, tell them to shove it.

Noticed we say, “You’ve promised via your word.”  That’s the most core principle I live by.  My word.  That’s all that matters.  My direct word, and other implicit things associated with that.  If I promise a girl I’ll be with her forever, then I keep that word, regardless of how I like it… But I’m slow to promise things like that.

If you’ve promised something, keep you word.  If your word traps you, beg the person you’ve promised to and ask if you can work it out somehow.

I’m not a cruel person.  I do many things that most people throw under the subject of “duty”. I visit my grandparents, I would take care of my parents if they ever got sick, and if I had children, I would be very good to them.  These are all my choices, however.  I’ve chosen to be this.  I’d even take care of a sick man if I saw him by the road-side.  I’ve loaned people money that I knew would never pay me back.  I’ve done such things, but they were not duties, they were choices.  I could choose not to do these things.  That choice would have various consequences attached, but I agree that I am free to do as I please.  I love my parents though, and I love my grandparents.  They are good to me.  Duty can shove it.  Love motivates my action, not “duty”.

Most people always want material help, but I mainly only offer help related to knowledge.  I’ll refer you to what books to read, and how to get out of your problems, when I know the solution.  That’s actually what I’ve dedicated my life toward doing.  Notice what I’ve said however.  I’ll teach a person how to get out of their problems.  I’ll write a book with the answer in it… but I’m not going to run your business.  I’m not going to market your products.  I’m not going to do all the work you’re too lazy to do.  I’ve researched it out, I’ve laid the answers before you.. It’s your job to learn the role you’re wanting to be, and how to do it well.  I can’t hold up the whole world… I don’t have enough time.

I’m not a person to come to if you’re wanting to learn ‘shortcuts’.  I had a woman come to me from church the other day wanting me to help her learn Algebra.  What I really wanted to teach her is how to think.  She needs to learn to be self-sufficient.  I don’t like the concept of tutors.  If you want to learn it, learn it.  Buy every book available on the subject.  Every guide, every DVD lecture course… And go through it all.  You will learn Algebra and you will do just fine.  Of course, the teacher is pushing them… She’s being rushed through the course because the teacher has an agenda… Screw college and teach yourself.  You’ll save yourself money and you’ll understand it.  What kind of teacher is it if you’re paying thousands of dollars and you need a tutor to really teach you the subject?  She wants to learn the subject of business to help run her husband’s trucking business… She doesn’t even need a degree for anything.  She’s wasting time.

I don’t go to anybody when I need to learn something.  I never burden someone.  I’ve learned there is so much information out there, there’s no need to burden anyone.  I’ve seen the greatest marketers and business men out there write such great books and teach everything they know.  If you want to succeed in business, you don’t need business school, just buy all the books by all the successful business men out there.  The professors teaching the subjects aren’t near as knowledgable as Bill Gates or Dan Kennedy or Donald Trump.  Bill Gates has written all kinds of books… Dan Kennedy has all kinds of courses.  Work your way through their works and you’ll be just fine.

I remember hearing Dan Kennedy say: “All this information I’m teaching you, well even if I didn’t exist, all of you here would have learned this anyways, but all I’m doing is speeding up the process.”  He knows the secret.  People who wanted to learn the marketing information he’s teaching, would have researched and learned it on their own, but he’s saving them a lot of time.  That’s how knowledge is to be thought of.  People are not guardians of knowledge, you can learn anything you want to learn.  Other people can save you time, but you can learn it on your own if you want to.

One of the greatest philosphies I could share with people is that all things are possibe to him that believes.  If you believe that statement, then you also have to believe that people are responsible for where they are in their life.  It’s their decision to make a change.  This is a thing that poor people don’t realize.  They always want the rich to support them – help out the poor!  Greedy rich people!  That’s a bunch of garbage.  I’ll give to the poor, if I want to, but I have no duty to do so.  I don’t believe it will even help.  Without proper knowledge, people just can’t manage their affairs well.  I see people who even if you paid off all their debts, they’d just bury themselves back in them again.  No habits of saving.  No habits of investing.  They don’t even know what the concept of ‘passive income’ even means.  A rich man builds up his investments and lives off of ‘passive income’… His money makes him money and he becomes free from working.

I was talking with my friend Fraser the other night about Africa.  Some group out there.. Nickleback I think is their name.  Had some song “If only we cared!”… Such garbage.  People who are oppressed allow the oppression.  If everyone just stood up, gave the leaders the middle-finger, and formed their own government that they liked, they could fix it all very quickly.

I could’ve said the same thing about my life.  “Philosophers just can’t make money in this world.”  The world was oppressing me, same as you see all over the rest of the world (not in the same degree as some.. but the concept is the same)… I was in poverty just like these other people,  but I gave that the middle-finger.  I went out there, and I’ve done it.  Didn’t make my money via philosophy, but I did get the money I wanted.  Had to do a bunch of stuff I didn’t like, but I did it anyways.  I bickered more than I should have, but overall, I quit bickering and just got in there and fixed my problem.  I quit pointing the finger at someone else and took responsibility for where my life was at that point.  If people stopped pointing fingers all day, quit saying they are a victim, and instead took responsibility for where they are, so much would change.  I rose above all the garbage, and now I’m through with it.  On to my studies and philosophy.  You can rise above your garbage too, just don’t have mindsets where you excuse where you are as inevitable because someone else is keeping you down.  You’re keeping yourself down.  Nothing will ever change if you just keep blaming everyone else.  Don’t be like Nickleback and say, “No one cares.”  Stand up and get what you want out of life, even if nobody helps you out, and nobody cares if you live or die.  That kind of determination changes the world and will change your life.

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