Ramblings On Relativity

I was just reading Sartre the other night, and he was speaking of time.  First he stated the problem dealt with by Descartes, dealing with the problem of change and instants.

It’s an interesting philosophical dilemma.  Whenever a person experiences change, such as an object moving, the experience is unique yet there is something consistent that stays the same.  Leibniz stated this problem as: “Change implies permanance”
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The Last Dilemma I’d Ever Expect

“All things are possible to him that believes”… incompatible with truth?

I keep continually wondering how I am to get at any theory of truth that is worthwhile when I believe that all of reality is infinitely moldable if you only knew how.  I figured the secret to this dilemma has to be in the details.
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My Life For The Past Two Weeks

This journal entry is basically a general update as to what I’ve been doing the past two weeks.

Preparing for Physics Studies

Lately I’ve been working toward preparing for my Physics and Chemistry (chemistry will be much later) studies which will come up in … maybe a year or year and a half?  Maybe even 2 or 3 years (but hopefully not that long).  I don’t know exactly when I’ll start hardcore.

I keep browsing through my books, and can’t wait to study Physics hardcore.  I’m working toward getting a lot of major physicists works, but as of now, I’m collecting all the names, and going to try to catalog all the top authors works I need to get.

I’ve recently been watching a 60 Hour DVD set called ‘The Joy of Science’ which covers (vaguely) a whole lot of ground over the entire subject of science.

My other more intricate set (12 hours) I’ve watched is ‘Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution’, which I’ve been watching as well.  None of these sets are intricate enough for me to actually know the content to the degree I’m wanting to know it, but I’m getting the names of all the ‘players’ in the field, what they did, and the big overall picture I’m needing so I’ll know what to study and how to think about everything.

I just went to the used bookstore here in town today, and bought me a new Calculus and Analytic Geometry textbook.  That’ll be my fifth Calculus textbook.  Should work out.  I plan to go over my Probabilty and Statistics textbook again, my Linear Algebra text, as well as my Advanced Calculus textbook.  I’ll need to review all my math skills before getting into my hardcore Physics studies.  This is all a ways off, but I’m trying to get ready.

I plan to do my math studies in a rather unorthodox order.  I bought a book ‘A History of Mathematics’, and the book goes through the historical development of mathematics.  I plan to study each mathematical concept in the order in which it was discovered, so I see the progression of the subject and properly understand what’s going on.  I want to know who found out what, and in what order, and how they found it out.  That is what’s in that huge book.  It’s a nice book that I plan to work completely through.

I also bought another book (for my Chemistry and Physics studies): ‘Discovery of the Elements’ in which the book historically shows the discoveries of each element, in order.  Most of the entire Periodic table of Elements is covered (it’s a huge book).  It starts off very simple with Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Lead, Tin, Mercury, Sulfur and Carbon.  Then it moves on to ‘The Elements of the Alchemists’: aresenic, antimony, bismuth, and phosphorus.  Next we go to ‘Some Eighteenth-centry metals’: zinc, cobalt, nickel, and maganese.  On next to Hydrogen and Nitrogen.  Then Oxygen… And we keep moving onward.  Neat neat book.  I can’t wait to read it.

I hated Chemistry class.  They just showed us some finished Periodic table, and I wondered where it all came from or how, just by looking at the things around me, I could ever tell what it’s composed of.  Hopefully this will cure that problem and then I can go back and re-study Chemistry and see things I couldn’t have seen without this proper background.

I was learning in my ‘Joy of Science’ set that a lot of chemical compounds were found out using a microwave technique, similar to X-rays, where you shoot microwaves at substances, and you make an X-ray like film which shows you the structure of the substance.  You can see how Chemistry cannot be understood without Physics.  It’s just memorization if you do not understand how things have been discovered and how everything works.

Psychological and Philosophy Studies

There’s a lot more philosophy and psychology studies I plan to do.  Right now I’m working on Sartre’s Being and Nothiness, but I also plan to read Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Albert Camus.  There’s also a few more of Betrand Russell’s books I have to read.

Once I finish those, I plan to work toward reading most of Carl Jung’s works.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of his big set ‘Collected Works of Jung’, but can’t find a good deal on it.  I may end up just buying most of his major works individually and read those.

I’ve read a great deal of Freud’s works.  I just got done with his Interpretation of Dreams.  I have a lot more of Freud’s works to go though.  I plan to finish Freud’s ‘On Narcissm’, ‘Instincts and their Vicissitudes’, ‘Repression’, ‘The Uncouscious’, ‘A General Introduction to Psycho-analysis’, ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’, ‘Group Psychology And the Analysis of the Ego’, ‘The Ego and the Id’, ‘Inhibitions, Symptoms, and Anxiety’, ‘Thoughts For the Times On War and Death’, ‘Civilization and Its Discontents’, and ‘New Introductory Lecutres On Psycho-Analysis’, all hopefully within the next 6 months.  That’s a lot of material, but the only work in that list that is of considerable length is ‘A General Introduction to Psycho-Analysis’ – the others are pretty short.

I’m not sure yet how much farther to go down the psychology rabbit hole.  I plan to buy the works of B.F. Skinner, Jean Piaget, Otto Rank, and possibly a few others (Erik Erickson, possibly Carl Rogers).  Outside of these, I dont have any names that particularly are catching my eye, but once I read Jung, Skinner, and Piaget, I may end up adding some more names to the list as I learn more about some other writers.

History studies will also be going on along the side.  TeachCo has some excellent DVD courses on pretty much all history in existence.  I’ll buy every one of those courses and watch all those DVDs.

Business Life

Greg and I will be launching our flagship work (a work we’ve been working on for… 4~5 years now?) within maybe 8 months?  The work is all designed out.  Coding has been underway for some time, and is making great progress.  We have beta-testers already lined up, and we still need to work on our training program once we get the software functional.

We’ve already been telling people about it, and people are already lining up to buy it.  It’s a shame we don’t have it finished.  I’ve been keeping everything under-wraps, as I don’t like going into details about a project until it is finished.  This is the last project I’ll have to do, ever.  I’ll be financially independent after this project.  Never have to work again.  No more business.  No more software.  No more selling things.  I’ll be almost completely free to study, all day, every day.  Study study study… Scuba dive, travel around the world, and study interesting cultures all over.

I was thinking the other day, with all the extra money I’ll have, I may (for the fun of it) re-instate my old childhood dream and develop my own video game.  After I do my studies for 5~6 years, maybe get in there, design a game.  I actually have the knowledge nowadays to get a game out there in the stores, and it’d be fun designing and making it.  Get Matt involved writing the story.  Greg, Dale, and I have talked this over before.  Everyone’s always had this other stuff going on, but at that time, it’ll actually be feasible to do! Be great, though I’ll have to come to that road when it comes.  Seven years ago I wanted to get a team together and make my own game. Now it’s actually coming together.  Within 4~5 years, that’s an actual thing I COULD DO!  That’s so awesome.

Greg and I have been researching foreign countries and off-shore banking and investing.  We’re both getting into some fascinating things.  I’ll be moving all my money over to gold.  Physical gold bricks stored in vaults all over the world.  I can set up my e-Bullion account and link it to a debit card… So awesome.  Non-traceable.  You get these cards, which have no name on them at all.  Not linked to me at all.  Just like Swiss banks.  You have your account #, and that your security information to access it… No personal information at all.  That’s how I plan to be.  I’m going off the map.  I’m going to renounce U.S. Citizenship and become a free-soverign.  Next I plan to become a citizen of Nevis, Switzerland, Australia, and maybe a few other countries.  That way if war ever breaks out, I can get out of anywhere and just say, “Cya”.

I told Greg that with all my wealth, I’m pumping it into several locations.  Only I will know all of the information for all the locations.  If I marry, I’ll tell my wife the information to maybe 1/2 of my accounts.  Greg will probably know the information to the other 1/2 of my accounts.  I might also tell my parents some information as well.  Greg and I are getting really knowledgable now into how to protect your assets.  I’m not playing around at all.  I’m using all kinds of overseas corporations, trusts, etc…. Nobody is touching this money.  I’m not going through this “crap period” ever again.  EVER.  IRS can’t touch it.  No government can touch it.  Nobody can sue me and get it tied up.  Nobody… It’s untouchable.  Untraceable, and spread all over the world in ultra-secure vaults with literal armed guards.

Our corporation for this flagship product is a super-complex setup.  I’m not even going to tell how we’re setting it up, because this journal entry will be online.  It is all overseas, inter-relating to U.S. corporations.  Corporations in debt to other corporations, throw in foreign corporations, and bank accounts stored in various locations (over the world)… Just try to sue us.  I just dare you.  You’ll be taking on an armed fortress.  Unless you’ve hired a word class lawyer, you’re not even going to be able to FIND OUT WHO OWNS WHAT.  It’ll cost a person a ton of money just to INQUIRE into a case.  JUST TO PUT A CASE AGAINST US.  That’s if they can even figure out who to sue.

We’re not going to be doing anything crooked.  We’re playing things like the “ice-man”.  Do every little thing right.  Untouchable.  Try to mess with us, we’ll tire you out as we never slip up.  Then you’ll try to come in with some fancy move and we’ll just play it cool, and you’ll be gone.  You’ll end up wasting a huge sum of money and everyone will hear about what happened to you.  We’ll sit back and laugh and say between ourselves, “We give you no substance.  You’re bad-basis.”

No more dealing with the Fed printing up cash and my money losing value.  Fed can’t print-up gold bricks.  My money will actually be secure and keep its value.  It’s the ultimate safety.  Count in our recent finding of Legisi Holdings… Greg’s making a fortune off them, but I’m too conservative to put any money in there.  I keep warning him about those crazy yield investments – but I’m still a novice in that area.  I read books hearing making 12% per month is possible in great investments, but I just don’t understand it completely.  I prefer investing in start-up companies, giving them capital to market and sell products they’ve developed.  I understand that world, and know what it takes to succeed and how to be profitable.

I may sign up and become an Angel investor for Missouri and Illinois.  I’d enjoy getting business plans and being invited to conferences to hear of upcoming start-ups to invest in.  I have the knowledge now, I could make a lot of money.  I would be able to discern the good investments from the bad, as I’ve made enough mistakes to know what it takes to succeed.

Anyways, things are going well.  Freedom is coming to me, closer and closer everyday.  I’ll have to do some work even after the project launch, but my main involvement is in getting the project developed.  At that point, Greg’s the man mainly running the show from then on.

Other Fun Things

On another side thing.  Greg invited me over to watch a DVD mini-series.  I never hardly like movies, as I’m pretty picky, but “The Lost Room”… man, that is AWESOME.  We watched the first DVD, and now I’ll be going over to watch another one soon.

That was one of the best shows I’ve watched in years.

I played a little tiny bit of Final Fantasy XI.  It’s alright I guess.

Thoughts On Christian Music

Christian radio stations and musicians tend to feel their music is uplifting and inspirational.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find nothing of the sort.

I have this habit, when I’m riding home from Greg’s house, to always turn on this Christian radio station in my area, SpiritFM, and listen to the new Christian music that is out.  I personally cannot listen to it for a very long time.

What is it about it?  There’s really two main factors I find in all the top Christian music.  There’s either:

1)  Incredible Vagueness (Ex: Holy is the Lord, Praise His Name, Worship Him, …)
2)  The World sucks, but Jesus is with me
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