Societal Superheroes

I think everyday that our society asks too much of us.  We’re supposed to work our jobs everyday with  the utmost degree of excellence.  We’re supposed to be “informed voters” on every political issue.   We’re supposed to spend quality time with our friends, family, and loved ones.  We’re supposed to  visit the sick in the hospital, and those in jail.  We’re supposed to …
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Black Widow Commissioned

Ladies and gentlemen, my new computer: 3.2GHz P4, 2 GB DDR2, SATA II HD, … yeah, this thing’s a beast.

Every programmer needs his monster computer and I just bought mine.  I custom bought everything, built from the ground up for the best machine ever.  I spared no expense in buying the best brand name components: (Corsair memory, Gigabyte motherboard, …).  It’s nice!

And unlike the last computer I built, I didn’t fry the USB ports and actually hooked up all those stupid little LCD connectors correctly!  My red Hard-drive light and green Power-light actually work!  I even took the time to hook up the extra USB ports on the front of my case!

Though, unfortuantely, my mouse died!  It’s an old mouse that Andrew gave me several years ago for my birthday.  It was my favorite mouse.  It was REALLY big.  A special ergonomic mouse that was just awesome.  It started dieing though, and I had to buy a new black logitech optical mouse.

Since the whole machine (case, mouse, etc) is all black, I thought the Black Widow was an appropriate name.