My Truck … Demolished :(

Last Monday night (May 30th) I was in my bed sleeping when all of the sudden … BAM!!!! … Some insanely loud collision took place right in front of my house.  I ran to the front door to look outside and there my truck was literally smashed to a crumpled V-Shape by some crap Plymouth something.  Thinking whoever slammed into my truck must be dead, we called 911 and immediately the police and fire trucks arrived.

Shortly after calling 911, I made it outside to find the Plymouth smashed to bits as well.  Radiator fluid was all over the road and glass, bumpers, lights, and other car parts were all over the road.  I looked inside and thought somebody had to have died.  Amazingly no one was even inside.   My truck, which was in Park and it’s emergency brake on, had been thrown a good 40-50 feet into my dad’s other car which was parked ahead of mine.  It did some major damage to it too.  I don’t see how someone could just walk off from that.  All the glass from my truck and that car had broken and flew everywhere.  The whole car was smashed.  I don’t get how he walked off.  A miracle, or that guy was on some crazy drug and didn’t feel anything.

When the police officers got there we found out this was a stolen car with expired (2004) license plates.  The guy, probably wanted for something, fled the scene.  How nice.  Guess who gets to foot this bill?

The story doesn’t end.  Like 20 minutes after the accident, this lady pulls up saying, “Who was driving that car?”  I was like, “I wish I knew.  We’d like to know.”   Then the lady said it was her car, and it was stolen.  Then the police officers were over there questioning that lady and then the officer came back to talk to us.  He told us what the lady said.  She said the car had been stolen and that she just happened to be listening to the police scanner and heard about the accident.  The officer said, “Yeah, there’s definetely some B.S. flags being thrown here.”

I still don’t know who was driving the vehicle.  Even if I did, it’s obviously not insured with 04′ license plates.  I ended up being out my deductible ($500) but I had full coverage and ended up making about $2500 off the deal anyways.  The insurance paid me, after the deductible and minor take-off expenses (there was 2 TINY TINY TINY dimples on the roof of the cab and they charged me $300 for ‘hail damage’) … whatever.  I drove the truck for 3 years, then get paid for it and make $2500 above what I originally paid for it.  Pretty good eh’?  🙂  (Thanks to Greg’s uncle hooking me up with that ultra deal for the truck to begin with)

So, I currently am truck-less and car-less, BUT, I have my motorcycle.  Worked out good timing too.  I hadn’t rode my motorcycle in a while so actually that day (Monday) I had been working on it all day and got it running smooth and everything.  Now I have it to ride, though that’s not much good in bad weather  🙁

I’m going to buy vehicle.  I don’t know what as of right now.  I’m just going to wait around until some ultra-deal pops up again and in the meantime, steal Ek’s Firebird when I need to get around.

There’s been a bunch of that State Farm crap going on, as well as getting my motorcycle inspected, insured, and all that stuff.  All these little things has been eating up my time, but I’ve managed to get all that crap out of the way.  I haven’t got to work on Elastic Studio for about a week (and that makes me mad).  I’ve been working on the IPM project some.  This computer I’m using is too slow.  I need a new one.  I’m about to get back to work on my hierarchical subject outlines and their interrelation with the philosophical roots.

OH!  Greg and I also watched some of that David Icke stuff.  That stuff is crazy.  Yeah, this is the ultimate conspiracy theorist right here.  The world is run by an alien race called the Anunaki, a reptilian race that came from Mars about the time of the flood (of Noah).  He gave some physics and stuff and showed the solar system positioning at that time and showed how a solar system disruption caused it all.  Then he started inter-relating all those old books (The Hindu Vedas, and the Bible, and other ancient texts) and if you notice, nations like Japan (study Shinto), that they are a divine people and their original ancestors came from the sky.  Anyways.  Might say out-there, but it was entertaining nonetheless.  It’s just all too much to even talk about.

Neither of us wanted to buy it since it was $60 and it may well have been a bunch of crap, so we started a ‘trial’ membership with and for the first two weeks they had David Icke’s Freedom Road.  So that’s how we got a copy of it to watch.  Unfortuantely they only sent us the first of the 3 DVDs in the set.  Sooo, I can’t say much as I haven’t seen them all, but his stuff is so crazy I don’t know what to say.  Some of it actually was really good!   I want to see all of it, but Blockbuster isn’t going to send it.  BUT, has all of David Icke’s DVD sets… So, I think it’s time for Jason to create himself a ‘trial’ Netflix and get to see all of David Icke’s crap for free.  I know I’m not going to pay $180 for all three of his DVD sets!

I’m going to work on my hierarchial subject breakdowns for the rest of tonight.

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