Elastic Studio and the Reptilian Agenda

Queen of England a ‘shape-shifter’? Eisenhower barters human test subjects for alien mind control technology? The joys of conspiracy theories.

This last week has been all Elastic Studio and IPM software.

As for the IPM software, I’ve finally gotten to where I feel fully comfortable with ECO.  I built a dummy app similar to how the IPM software will work coding wise and things turned out better than I thought.

As for Elastic Studio, I’ve been building the base studies to be on the network.  I’m very happy with what I’ve came up.  I’ve listed out each social/political/ethical issue and then broke it down hierarchically.  Then I broke down each of these sub-trees into their philosophical roots.  Then each root I broke down hierarchiacally as well.  It’s taking time, but it’s turning out better than I expected.  I can really see this working exactly how I imagined it.  I had been abstracting it all for too long and was worried that Elastic Studio’s base concept (a ‘study’) might not hold out in certain conditions.  I still need to work it through more, but right now I’m still working on all the hierarchical break-downs.

I’ve finished going through my Dan Kennedy marketing set.  Learned some nice stuff there.

Yesterday, I went by a bookstore with Greg and acquired an excellent copy of the Bhagavad-Gita.  $2.00.  It had this ratty book-cover that was worn and ugly, but underneath it, it had a beautiful hard-cover with gold engravings and nice designs like you see in nice booksets.  The book-jacket sucked, but I just took it off, and ended up getting this awesome copy of the Gita for $2.00.  It has full-color illustrations and commentary.  I’m happy with it.

I was going to also buy a copy of the Upanishads, but I don’t see myself reading that right now: not for a while anyways.  It was one of those Penguin book copies.  I don’t like them.  They’re cheap. I don’t like paperback books at all.

Greg and I have been in pursuit of trying to acquire a physical copy of the SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service).  They are THE all-inclusive broker of lists for marketing.  The SRDS is used in 95% of all advertising agencies.  You can literally use the SRDS to get any list you’d ever need.  If you want a list of every person in the United States who has purchased a dishwasher within the past 6 months, you could get it using SRDS.  That’s what the SRDS is, an all-inclusive source for all these lists.  TDP needs support for importing SRDS lists so we weren’t looking into the details.  Unfortuanetely we have to go to St. Louis just to see a copy of it.

Greg’s also managed to acquire a copy of David Icke’s Freedom Road.  After 25 years of painstaking research Icke has discovered the government has been bartering alien mind-control technology for human test subjects. In this exhaustive 5 hour DVD collection, Icke breaks it all down. I’m soon to learn about how an entire race of people live underneath the Earth’s crust and how the Queen of England is actually a ‘shape-shifter’, part of an alien Repitilian Agenda.  I’ll make sure to let you know all the details!

I’ve been pretty mad at myself for not buying that Quran that was for sale at Barnes & Noble in Springfield.  It was hard-cover and really nice but I was just stupid and didn’t get it.  Ah’ well.  I still need a nice Quran. I do have an electronic version, and it’ll probably be better to wait and read through the Quran in Elastic Studio so I’ll be able to properly go through it.  I still want a nice physical copy though.

Oh!  Also, I seen the companion set for my Great Books set: it’s the prior version called the Great Ideas Program.  A lady was selling a VERY nice set for literally $12.  And, I didn’t capitalize on it.  I just didn’t track it because they always run up to like $60, and I literally own a set which has all that information in it anyways and it’d only be for collecting, nothing practical. I guess noone else saw it and it ended at $12.

I’ve also been (rather slowly) going through an older video game called Final Fantasy V.  It’s old Super-Nintendo (1992) game.  I really like it.

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