The Daily Journey and Justification for Thinking Effectively

Good stuff going on.  For all those wondering what I’m up to, here’s some updates.

I’ve been working on the Happiness and Contentment / Setting Goals article. It’s taking some time, but quality work always does. I’ve been researching like crazy on it and this is definetely high quality work. I’m wanting to be all-inclusive on it but it seems the only way to do this is to break this down into seperate articles that reference each other. There’s Justice, Duty, Love, Desire, Liberty, and Happiness, all may need seperate articles then finally the an article written specifically on setting proper goals based on all the other stuff. Considering ‘Happiness’ is really the end in and of itself that all seek, there’s so much to talk about. I should probably talk about government and laws as well. I like where this is going — I’ll have to write a big dissertation on each philosophical topic. That’s what I need to do anyways.

I do hope people benefit from reading this stuff on my site. By writing these papers/articles I

1. Learn things better than just reading the books. You really have to study hard and take good notes to write a quality paper on a subject. I want to make sure I espouse proper views on Elastic Studio and on my site.

2. Have initial content for people to read once I get Elastic Studio going

The past week has been rough.  I’ve had quite a bit of trouble the past week with my computer. It seems I’ve ironed that out now though. Had to go through a reformat and reinstalling of everything on the system, but I’ve finally gotten everything back up and operational.  I don’t even want to think about it.

I really want to get Elastic Studio written and going. I’ve formulated quite a game plan to get things rolling with it once it’s written. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to start using it. I’m really needing it. Everything seems so scattered and disorganized without it.

I talked to a few people about my ‘Thinking Effectively’ article on the site. I’ll admit I didn’t write it the best I could have. It’s got too much ranting mixed in as well. I’m going to have to re-write that article. I just sat down and wrote it without an outline. I just started going. I just wanted to write it down. I also noticed I left some stuff out. It all around needs re-written. I had comments saying the mathematics example wasn’t the best one. I liked the example myself. I feel like Descartes in that nothing is more simplistic than mathematics — it’s a priori. It’s the only thing a person can truly know. I thought distance is a concept everyone could relate to and find simplistic. ‘Yeah, but the numbers and distance calculation formula got “complicated”‘ — Well, not as complicated as any other example I could think of. It’s still the best example.

I first started making my example electricity. Just talk about electrons, amps, resistance, current, etc. I did, but things got complicated real fast. Electrons and “why” they move the way they do got ugly real fast. Asking questions like ‘What is an electron’ — nasty. Then there was all the details regarding magnetism and it’s interrelation. Define ‘What is magnetism’ — There we go, good topic but a beast for sure. Also, once you actual study the unit derivations for amperage, coulombs, voltage, etc. You’ll find they aren’t the most simplistic of units. Sure, I could write some pansy article just showing the system but I think the physics and crap will just confuse the person. I could say an electron is just a little ball that has a “negative” magnetic charge — but that’s not true. If you zoomed in on an electron it’s not just a little ball. Even if you zoomed in on a real rubber ball holding in your hand it’s debateable whether that’s “solid” either. What is solid? What is round? Is it really solid or is all solidity a projective principle because we see in a finite resolution? Is that what it means to be solid? What does it mean to “zoom” anyways? Is there such a thing as a true “curve”? A true “solid”? Can a curve exist outside of a finite projection? Same with solidity. It’s arguable the jaggies go smooth because of the projection onto the 2D finite resolution image, which is how we see the world. In reality the may still jaggies are still there. What is a “jaggy” anyways? In my opinion, matter is itself abstracted by our minds from perception. The chair you see next to your kitchen table isn’t what you think it is though. God uses pure logic to create perceptive images, similar to how a computer game can build complete worlds based on pure logic. In the beginning was the ‘Word’ or God’s mind, and still even now, that’s all there is. Whether our minds are seperate from his, I don’t know, but all “matter” exists in the divine mind — It’s all simply God’s thought and he paints to your 2D sight canvas. All things you can perceive exist abstracted in God’s mind. That’s way more complicated to talk about than distance. I could write about electricity, but it’d be a bunch of crap. Even electricity and all laws of physics aren’t immutable. God could change those at any time, just as a computer programmer can re-write his engine and change the physics system to whatever he feels like.

All these topics which you may think are more simplistic to use for examples aren’t if you truly run the real “What is / Why” method on them. Descartes’ said mathematics is the most simple subject — and it is. It’s the only subject where you can truly say, “Yes this is true” — a “Proof” in any other subject is always subject to being “dis-proven”. Makes you wonder what a proof is to begin with anyways. “Your doctor has proof about nexium …” blah blah — Next year they’ll hold an entirely new opinion. “Prove God exists” — “Prove this” — “Prove that” — People need to ask “What is a proof?” Does that word even mean anything outside of mathematics? Shame nobody studies epistemology. That’s old fashioned fine arts that’s “obsolete”. You’ll hear people arguing about theology or this or that and get flat out angry and violent. Arguments aren’t bad, but claiming your own infallability is, because that is nothing but pride. Seems to me that the same old questions are in play today.

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