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The Art of the Argument

Many think arguments are a bad thing. I disagree.

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A Rant on School and Books

The last years of high-school aren’t just a waste of time, but actually have a negative influence on the person going.  Don’t believe me?

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The Daily Journey and Justification for Thinking Effectively

Good stuff going on.  For all those wondering what I’m up to, here’s some updates.

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Excellence and Elastic Studio

Your dream and mine, Elastic Studio.  You might not have heard about it, it’s been kept on low-key between myself and my closest friends.  A project you’ll definetely hear about in the future.

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A Summer Fling With Burger King

More awesome old journal entries, I found digging in the archives.  🙂 April 18, 2005 Sweet sixteen. Maybe for you.  I worked at BK.

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