The Creek Revisited

I haven’t really been down to the creek since I was younger.  I was amazed at how things had changed.

Just two days ago I went and visited the creek. It’d been so long since I’ve been down there, I just wanted to see things again. I remember that creek used to be where I lived as a kid. The ‘pond’ — the ‘deep’. I remember playing army down there and Rusty falling in the ‘pond’ by Ottos. There was that ledge hanging over the water. All that’s gone now. I remember a while back the city said because of flooding they had to restructure the creek. The deep is gone, and the pond as well. That’s sad to me. There was a lot of memories there. I remember fishing there with Richard almost everyday. He always was catching craw-dads and fishing for blue-gill there. Then there was always the infamous snapping turtle(s) — I don’t know if there was multiple or not. I do remember when Rusty, Dustin, Justin, and I caught that snapping turtle and dragged him to the rocks. I was so scared. Then that 6th grade army video where I acted like I got shot and fell into the water — then they didn’t film it. I remember it all so big. Now, well, it wasn’t as big as I remember. Crazy it’s been that long. I probably haven’t took a serious trip down there since junior high school. Main thing I was thinking is my mindset change. When I was young, that place was the source of all adventure. I knew every facet of that creek. Several of the forts I’d built along the edges were still there. Now it’s just a little creek; I don’t want to think of it that way, it’s not good to think of things like that anyways. It seems a virtue for a person to be able to look at something like that and think of it as something great. What is ‘great’ anyways? That creek is great to me. I wish it’d never change. I remember Richard was always the expert — he even had those special water boots where he’d traverse the shallow while I followed behind jumping on the rocks. I walked all the way down the creek just like we used to everyday. Walked all the way down to the creek behind ‘Big Dustin’s’ house. Big Dude. He always used to let me borrow his super nintendo games. He was always great about that. Right before his house is this area where the ground is a big rock and the water flows over it. Has all these small waterfalls. I sat there for like 25 minutes just looking and thinking. It was really nice.

Strange how everything changes. I used to think of my life as more exciting — I used to always be doing something crazy. I can remember camping out with Little Dustin and we deficated and urinated in a zip-lock bag and put it in this lady’s mailbox. We snuck out at 2-3 am and put it in there. That lady was always awful to us. Then again, maybe we were awful to her. We always used to ride bikes down in that neighborhood and she’d always get mad when we’d cut through her yard. She was always trying to win ‘yard of the year’ or something. She still has that barn for a mailbox. Now she has a fence around her yard — didn’t then though. Quite a change nowadays. Reading philsophy and working on custom software projects — who’d a thought. I think philosophy is exciting, though I can’t seem to communicate to many what I really think about things.

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